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First in a brand new series of podcasts for 2020. Brian & Georgina sit exactly two metres apart and chat about re-purposed pigs, an all-seeing ostrich and plants farting. Plus, Georgina in a washing machine, a flat worm reincarnated as Jody Whittaker and Brian Luff magnified 800 times. It's good to be back. Stay safe, everyone.

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Need a bit of good news? Then listen to the official trailer for the brand new series of The Sowerby & Luff Show. Starts March 2020 on the Comedy 365 podcast feed. Download or stream it on Apple Podcasts.

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First podcast of a brand new series from Sowerby & Luff. Will cats evolve to have wheels? Also, cars made out of biscuits, free sausages, rocket surgery, brain science, stupid job vacancies, dangerous orchestras. Plus a brand new game "Sorry That's Not the Answer" and much, much more. To order your brand new Fat Chance Breakfast Mug go here. Buy us a drink at

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Happy Holidays from Sowerby & Luff! It's time for Brian and Georgina to huddle around their tiny Christmas tree, swig their egg nogg and rip open their parcels for the 15th year in a row! This time around they're talking about Die Hard on ice, cheese board influencers, chicken coops adorned with fairy lights, elves with CCTV, cows wearing VR headsets, giant slugs at the Tate Gallery, cheese graffiti and pigeons wearing cowboy hats. Enjoy.

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Live on tape from foggy London Town, Brian and Georgina are back with a grisly new podcast for Halloween 2019. A spooky finger bat called Bogart, renting pineapples for parties, left-handed kangaroo boxing in Wales, bloodthirsty ferret-legging in a car park in Yorkshire, manufacturing diamonds from tequila, cowboy lassos for catching muggers on motor scooters and combat juggling. This podcast is sponsored by Mr Hans Fresh Family Food

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