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Bumper 2012 New Year edition of Fat Chance. Panda nominated for Woman of the Year. Plus, intelligent slime, three ways to make toast, obscene iPhones, gambling apes, and a very big eye in sky.

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It's the bumper 2011 Christmas special. Brian and Georgina open their presents, and discuss watching paint dry. Plus, stealing christmas trees and the compelling festive question "can water really be used for hydration?" Also, Georgina plays "12 Days of Christmas" on the Stylophone, and Brian does his impression of Mr Scrooge.  Get B&G's  Christmas charity single Baby It's Cold Outside from iTunes now. This podcast contains strong language and about a gallon of egg nog.

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A brick in a shopping bag. Plus, covering the Eiffel Tower in plants, snakes in a tax office, pampas grass for swingers, seagulls attack BMW and what technique do you use to clap your hands? Also, out today on iTunes, Brian and Georgina's charity xmas single. Click here to buy it now: This podcast may contain strong language.

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Invest in gravy. Plus, blind elephants on a mountaintop in Thailand, robot prison guards in Korea and a woman with Brussels Sprouts in her bra. Also, four degrees of Kevin Bacon and your chance to knit Brian and Georgina. Contains strong language.

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Meet Gavin, the world's most sarcastic gorilla. Plus, tea made out of panda shit, a recruitment drive for astronauts, the most dangerous school run in the world, and Sister Marie the gambling nun. May contain strong language.

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