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Invest in gravy. Plus, blind elephants on a mountaintop in Thailand, robot prison guards in Korea and a woman with Brussels Sprouts in her bra. Also, four degrees of Kevin Bacon and your chance to knit Brian and Georgina. Contains strong language.

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Meet Gavin, the world's most sarcastic gorilla. Plus, tea made out of panda shit, a recruitment drive for astronauts, the most dangerous school run in the world, and Sister Marie the gambling nun. May contain strong language.

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Exploding toothbrushes. Plus, a trout that fakes orgasms, a town powered by urine, and a couple of fighting peacocks. Also, what do you give a man who has everything and news of B&G's Christmas charity single for 2011. May contain strong language.

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Special, extended, bumper edition. What does your home town smell like? Plus, prostitute turns into donkey, scientist dreams of alien, and Georgina plays Deep Purple on the Stylophone. Also, the world's most dangerous staircase, and have you ever been unexpectedly bundled into a police car while out on a date? May contain strong language and the occasional cough and sniff.

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