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Are dolphins people? Plus, resurrected mammoths, test tube hamburgers, panda lube, baby disco and twiddle diddles. This podcast may contains strong language and adult themes.

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Georgina bleats like a goat. Plus, how to open envelopes, computerised jeans, toilet training for university students, frozen swans and something involving chicken. May containstrong language and a papier mache rhino.

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A cat with a slice of bread on its head. Plus, piglets that glow in the dark, black poodle illuminations, hairy caterpillars, stressed whales, Top Totty beer, and George Cloony lookalikes who look like Danny De Vito.

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What is a Water Wiggler? Plus, lollypops for drunks, Chernobyl in a snow globe, a fat labrador on a diet, phones in toilets, Brian in a farmyard, cold prawn toast and a doll with a hypodermic needle. Also, Georgina writes a poem.

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