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Llamas playing football on top of a Peruvian pyramid. Plus, barking dogs, pizza roulette, and how much would a garden gnome weigh on the Sun? Also, fruit-flies turn to drink and Brian has a problem with a printer. May contain strong language.

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How many snails does it take to power a small city? Plus, ruckus in the peanut gallery and what's the difference between an iceberg and seagull shit? Also, gardens in potholes in the road, feeding a dog via Twitter, a woman who is in love with the Statue of Liberty, an escaped penguin in Japan and is Carlsberg lager as important as the emergency services in Denmark? Question of the Week: Why do shoelaces come undone?

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Promo for the brand new digital album from Sowerby and Luff, which is out today. Featuring 4 new songs and 12 all new talking bollocks tracks. Special guests include Thesaurus Walrus, Derek Fake Seance and Dr Rabbit and Nursey Lamb. Features Brian and Georgina's latest eSingle Sell By Date. Available now from iTunes, Amazon, and all good digital music sites. Buy Now from iTunesBuy Now from Amazon. Parental Advisory: Contains some explicit content.

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Are Hula Hoops incompatible with dip? Plus, bridges named after gameshow hosts, rug wars, wonky lampshades, TV for dogs, eating sponges, famous Bulgarians, flatworms holding keys, a chicken nugget that looks like George Washington and a century of sand dredging in the Bristol Channel.  This programme contains strong language and at least one drunken elk.

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