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Rubber chicken called Camilla launched into space, plus scholorships for people who can quack like a duck. Also, flash drive shaped like a tampon, Satnavs for the elderly, a sheep that's crossed with a worm and a magnetic hamster.  Contains strong language and a peguin on anti-depressants.

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Brian gives up drinking again and Georgina's deodorant spray is ticking. Special bumper edition of this award-nominated podcast featuring smart floors, lickable walls and a hotel for hamsters. Plus, small birds on top of big birds, sausage wars, stricken seagulls and a real-life  smurf village. Also blowing up frozen cows and a party where you can sniff people's bums.  Contains strong language and an extended plug for B&G's new digital album.

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Weightless quail chicks in space. Plus, personal submarines, wooden laptops, blind novelists, Mr McFeely & the purple panda, and one-eyed snakes on a plane. Also a mini-didgeridoo for Georgina,  a woman trapped in flat-pack wardrobe and a man called Bubber with a pink golf club. This programme may contain bad language and the occasional psychopath.

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Dancing dinosaurs get divorced. Plus,  snail mathematics, bouncing robots, the Dame Judy Dench neuron, penguins on diving boards, cars powered by pee & vodka and Louis Walsh on the Hindenberg. May contain strong language.

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