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Two flies in Beijing. Plus, Brian has a back-ache, Georgina breaks out her summer shorts and there's something nasty on the living room carpet. Also, a fake sandstorm, a man with a pet buffalo in his house, a robotic fish, a fanfare that lasts for ten hours and a skip full of rubbish at the Chelsea Flower Show. Is that a thing? You decide.

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Forty baboons in an Hyundai in Liverpool. Plus, ice tits, urinating swimmers killing fish, lazy casting at the BBC, goldfish on a web cam and five cats in a cafe. Also a brand new item called "That Isn't a Thing". May contain strong language.

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Did dinosaurs have nose hairs? Plus, evil clowns, pets on Skype and a toilet in a lift shaft. Also a special guest appearance by Hooter from Jerkyflaps(?). Contains strong language.

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