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A man who lost his mobile phone in a cow's arse. Plus, a scientific exploration of Smartie flavours, whales who sound like football supporters and a diamond ring in a hot air balloon. Also, Brian takes up baking and Georgina rants about the colour pink. This podcast may contain strong language.

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Nominated last week for a European Podcast Award, this edition of Fat Chance features the new David Attenborough drinking game, a nun stealing beer, pictures of cute puppies, feeding spiders through a straw, speaking to plants in a Geordie accent, and were the Ancient Romans responsible for Global Warming? Plus, does eating ice cream lead to prostitution?

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What colour Smarties are bees attracted to?  Plus, Halloween pumpkin shortage,  free condoms at Cambridge, cardboard police officer stolen,  cockroach eating competition,  giant floating hamster wheel, beer made out of a bull's testicles and the horrors of staying in a Travelodge. This podcast may contain strong language.

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