Comedy 365

The last podcast in the current series - a bumper Christmas special featuring a rubber duck dressed as the Archbishop of Canterbury. Plus, the latest Christmas cracker jokes, Rudolf's dangling baubles, and the Virgin Mary in a crash helmet. Also, Georgina buys some Eggnog Ice Cream and Brian plans to separate some eggs in 2014. Happy Holidays from Sowerby & Luff! See you in the New Year!

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A Psychic Taco. Plus, smart wigs, houseproud Neanderthals, a singing nun, and a fish pie made of gold. Also, Simon Cowell marries Debbie Harry and Georgina becomes a Flat Stanley. May contain strong language.

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A baby in a tube. PLus, shrinking pasties, bushy pubes, a huge Chinese toilet, and a camel that sounds like Family Guy. May contain strong language.

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Shave the baby. Plus, a 507 year old clam called Ming, and Brian decides to paint himself blue. This podcast may contain strong language.

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Mistaking cheese burgers for shoes. Plus, a kidnapped llama, cooking with semen, and a beagle trained to find bed bugs on polar bears. Also, cities with little legs, a hobbit house full of sheep, and a cat crossing the road. This podcast contains strong language, evil eyebrows and a woman punching cats.

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