Comedy 365

Brian organises an Easter egg hunt in the studio. Plus, the world's oldest hot cross bun, a metal ballpen item, pajamas in Sainsburys, three Wigglers, a Worm to hold your iPad, lambs eating chocolate, dinosaurs reversing into each other, and a man in a deer mask with his face pressed up against a shop window. May contain strong language.

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A tiny talking prawn in an art gallery. Plus, shoes that tell you what to do, snails that eat worms, spiders covered in asbestos,  and a butt robot. Also, Brian plays golf in the toilet, and Georgina discovers the world’s longest eyebrow. May contain strong language.

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Ant Colony Optimisation. Plus, a baby made of tomato ketchup, an alligator called Mr Stubbs, edible spray paint on a Brussels sprout, an indestructible mole rat, and a man in a nappy directing traffic. Also, heavily armed dolphins go missing, and Brian forgets Georgina's birthday. This podcast may contain strong language.

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Can a chicken lay an egg if it's wearing a nappy? Plus, seagulls wearing false teeth, chucking Ninja throwing stars at students, a vampire facelift, and how many catepillars can you take into America? Also, ugly fish in a nightclub. This podcast may occasionally contain strong language.

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Roadkill lasagne. Plus, a Grand Prix for prams, state approved haircuts, Bohemian wars, and what's wrong with Brian's ice cubes? This podcast may contain mildly strong language.

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