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Algebra with a yucca plant. Plus, shoplifting goldfish, dubious dumplings and a Brazilian Treehopper. Also, a crap Elvis impersonator in the back garden, Keith Richards' box of tissues and a woman standing underneath an oak tree waiting for Edward IV. May contain mild swearing.

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A cat-like alien with Cellotape over its bottom. Plus, Guinea Pigs jousting on the backs of Jack Russell Terriers, anti-pervert tights, ill-equipped Morris Dancers and a plant that eats sheep. Also a Tarantino snail and a brand new item called "Letters That Are the Wrong Way Around". This podcast may contain mild swearing.

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Can you tell the difference between a coconut and a hedgehog? Plus, a cat uses a duck as a nipple clamp and Brian gets a pizza delivered by a remote controlled helicopter. This podcast may contain strong language.

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A pink slug in a blender. Plus, ants who ring your doorbell, disused volcanoes, Pliny the Elder and a chain of Little Chef Restaurants in the Sahara Desert. Also, an app that drops a piano on your head and what's the footprint of an arse.

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