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A tiny frog with an umbrella. Plus, noisy air-conditioners, an elusive hippo, a baby prince called George and a bloat of Biebers. This show was produced in association with the new Audio Technica AT2020 USB+.

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Can the world's energy crisis be solved by harnessing power from urine on the staircases of thousands of multi-story car parks? Plus, a non-linear cow, slime from aroused snails, and policing by geese. This podcast may contain strong language.

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Confusing the ducks on Hampstead Heath. Plus, motorised unicycles, fake lettuce, and a Mexican wave of crickets. Also, a tiny mayor and a dog dressed as 17 century nobility. This podcast contains strong language an a small potato.

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Exploding rhubarb chutney. Plus, animals with pictures of Star Wars characters on their bodies, peanut butter and jelly soda, and a woman who married a bridge. This podcast may contain strong language.

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