Comedy 365

A bee-keeping donkey. Plus, growing TV sets on a farm, porn cupcakes, bio-luminous plants, and the secret life of mushrooms. Also, Georgina invents a corrugated iron umbrella.

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A Russian woman in a puddle. Plus powdered alcohol, a giant rabbit, rats eating chocolate Easter eggs and Georgina doing a magic act with some hedgehogs.

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A great big lime green chameleon. Plus, two anteaters in a washing machine, vibrating shoes, X-Factor auditions, strange dreams about chickens and a drunk man trying to climb over a fence. Also, putting things in the wrong jars. May contain strong language.

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A vending machine on the moon. Plus, reaching things that are high up, rotten mice, flour made out of coffee and a good size live toad. Also, Georgina flicks her limpet.

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