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Brian and Georgina gather around their Christmas tree in leafy Crouch End to record their traditional festive podcast. Featuring egg nog, Brussels sprouts, gifts, scented candles, ghostly chickens, pantomimes and a stalking Yule cat. Plus, Georgina puts an onion in her sock and Brian throws a poo log on the fire. 

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Wombat pulled alive from dog. Plus, farting goat flavoured crisps, fondue sets, iKettles, pigs in blankets and Wrinkles the Clown. Also, Brian has a problem with his socks. 

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How to unboil an egg. Plus, Britain's booziest duck, the mouse and the python, a painting of a kitten with a weird underbite and the sound of no nuts falling. Also, how Carpetright got it so carpet wrong.

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An elephant on a trampoline. Plus, square babies from the 16th century, making sandwiches on the toilet, typing with your nose, 11 duvets and a 20 year old condom.   

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Things that look like other things, cauliflowers that creak and a stowaway French mouse. Plus, Brian throws his belt out of the window and Georgina puts a brick in the sink

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