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Brian and Georgina gather around their little plastic Christmas tree and celebrate the festive season in traditional style with tales of lonely polar bears, fake snow, and animals tastefully dressed as Santa. There will also be some egg nog and a return of the smelly Yuletide candle that annually makes Brian feel a little queasy.

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Brian decides he's not going the edit the programme today and instead just put it out exactly as it leaves the studio. Good idea? You decide. Plus, Georgina learns about gravity and Brian gets mugged by a seagull.

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A fish with headlights. Plus, an inflatable unicorn horn, a baby vomiting in the back of a car and how to lose weight by being run over. Also, Georgina being useful in a haystack.

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A Lego man with a raspberry on his head. Plus, baby racing, building rockets, seventies wallpaper and a ship called Boaty McBoatface. Also, Georgina dances with naked rabbits and Brian rubs bread on his face.

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Fish in sandals. Plus, tea picked by virgins, hog curling, a tax on lady gardens and a squatty, potty stool. 

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