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Brian & Georgina discuss beaches made from parrotfish poo, potato peelers, the shape of hippos' heads and a bunch of hostage negotiators who now advise families on how to deal with lockdown. Plus, the husband who accidentally unplugged his wife, and just what exactly is Flubber? Stay safe everybody.



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Brian telephones a beehive. Plus, fabulous frankfurters, asymmetrical faces and a whale in the Queen's bathtub. Also, Luff fails to adjust his posture and Georgina plans to enter for the hoovering Olympics. Yes, it's the latest podcast from Brian & Georgina in leafy locked-down London Town. Stay safe everyone x

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How much does soup weigh? Plus, insects resting on pine cones and Scatter Cushion-Gate at the Sowerby-Luff's. Stay safe, everyone.

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First in a brand new series of podcasts for 2020. Brian & Georgina sit exactly two metres apart and chat about re-purposed pigs, an all-seeing ostrich and plants farting. Plus, Georgina in a washing machine, a flat worm reincarnated as Jody Whittaker and Brian Luff magnified 800 times. It's good to be back. Stay safe, everyone.

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First podcast of a brand new series from Sowerby & Luff. Will cats evolve to have wheels? Also, cars made out of biscuits, free sausages, rocket surgery, brain science, stupid job vacancies, dangerous orchestras. Plus a brand new game "Sorry That's Not the Answer" and much, much more. To order your brand new Fat Chance Breakfast Mug go here. Buy us a drink at

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