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The Sofa Eating Diet. Plus, addicted to ventriloquism, orange alligators, million dollar sheep and singing dustbins.

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Locusts watching Star Wars. Plus, the world's heaviest onion, ginger sperm donors, socks worn over shoes and dwarf found dead in badger den. Contains strong language. Vote for us in the European Podcasting Awards.

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Naked man runs through leafy Crouch End chased by the police. Plus, honey from sheep, wool from bees, bakery linguistics in New York, arguing SatNavs, an elephant with a liver the size of Lindsay Lohan, dogs dressed as dinosaurs, and can you clone someone from a skidmark?

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Would the planet Saturn float in water? Plus, man-sized tissues, birds crashing into windows, the world's biggest arse, and a man under a bus in China. Contains strong language.

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