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Celebrate the festive season in style with Brian & Georgina's Christmas pantomime Aladdin & the Pirates. Guest stars are Thesaurus Walrus, Ray Winstone and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as the Fairy Godmother. Plus, some Japanese carol singers, Georgina in thigh high boots and Brian in a dress. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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Sleeping snails, plastic flamingos and a man who's paid to eat dice. 4th podcast in the series "Sowerby & Luff's Four Seasons". As London shivers in the cold, Brian and Georgina retreat into their cosy little studio in leafy Crouch End and do their best to warm us up, while swigging delicious hot toddies, laced with Australian honey. 

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Is is OK to slap a penguin? Third in a series of seasonal specials from Brian & Georgina, featuring MOT tests for rabbits, a vending machine for cars, and painting stripes on a Guinea pig. Also mole rats that turn into plants, buying bits of the white cliffs of dover, and a mouse hiding in an exfoliating mitt.

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In the second of a series of seasonal specials, Brian & Georgina switch to their summer duvet and get ready to hit the beach. Plus, asthmatic otters, headphones that plug into snacks, the smallest pub in the UK and a fistful of pasta. 

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Brian and Georgina skip into Spring with the first of their brand new podcast specials for 2017. Tequila clouds, jellyfish stings and rented raccoons are just some of the important issues they address. Plus, a hat in a tree, an ugly fence and an very long walk around the world. Also, does Brian like knees and will Georgina let him put up his brand new astronomical wall chart? 

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