Comedy 365 (general)

Brian & Georgina's pandas finally get it on. Plus, vacuuming Stonehenge, grass in distress and a fifty foot daddy long legs.  Also, Georgina counts her steps and Brian rants about joggers. Stay safe everybody. 

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Ant Colony Optimisation. Plus, a baby made of tomato ketchup, an alligator called Mr Stubbs, edible spray paint on a Brussels sprout, an indestructible mole rat, and a man in a nappy directing traffic. Also, heavily armed dolphins go missing, and Brian forgets Georgina's birthday. This podcast may contain strong language.

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Roadkill lasagne. Plus, a Grand Prix for prams, state approved haircuts, Bohemian wars, and what's wrong with Brian's ice cubes? This podcast may contain mildly strong language.

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