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Man tries to turn poo into gold. Plus, cigarette costumes for babies, 500 clowns in Mexico, piano playing robots, a washing machine video game, and a review of BBC4's Holy Monty Python. Contains strong language and a giant slipper.

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Who the hell is Dean Friedman? Plus, heavily armed golfers, lost in a maze, penguin crime wave, Muppet porn, a piranha fish pedicure and the art of hiding Scrabble pieces in the anus. Also, Brian fancies a sherry trifle and Georgina plays the goddamn Stylophone again. Contains strong language and nudity from the start.

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X-Factor for garden fences. Plus, the military applications of bulimia, the official lard of the Olympics, a torch that makes you vomit, half a toilet brush called Smithy, and a storage heater factory in Gravesend. May contain strong language.

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Nicholas Cage travels back in time. Plus, clocks that bark like dogs, swear word vending, tupperware science, two faced cats, patenting mud pies, and sheep swimming through oil. Also,  Brian unveils his amazing new system for washing up, and Georgina settles down in front of the television machine. Warning, may contain strong language and over-charging lawyers.

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