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What do you get the Queen for Christmas?  Plus, Health & Safety Santa, a calendar full of cocks, alcoholic squirty cream, powdered meteorite face cream, poop on the moon, a dog called Wang, computers that can taste and smell, a swarm of tiny robots and a tortoise eating a water melon. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Sowerby & Luff.

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Is the whole Universe a simulation running on an iMac? Plus, donkey cheese, peeing on tomatoes, performing Shakespeare drunk, a fake cloud in the bathroom, meggings for men,  dogs eating tomato ketchup, cats stealing keys and a cleaning agency in Georgina's ear. This podcast may contain strong language.

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Sowerby and Luff announce a bold plan to put the first vegetable on Mars. Plus King Diana the First, bacon-flavoured shaving cream and an Orangutan with his fingers in his ears.

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An airbag in your pants. Plus, horses with guns on their feet, a rainforest in your belly button, singing mice, a talking elephant, a helmet that cuts your hair and a 7 foot penguin. This podcast may contain strong language.

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Why cannibals prefer the taste of parachutists. Plus, a pillow with breasts, a hedgehog blog, shopping on the loo, and how to rent out an entire country.

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