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An otter's pocket. Plus, typing the Bible on a toilet roll, bananas in a microwave, mystery crisps, snails in their eyes, robot babies, time-travelling Frenchmen, a dog in a wheelchair, and a tiger suckling Andrew Lloyd Webber. Also, Georgina rear-ends a stranger in Waitrose. Contains strong language.

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Predicting the future with spring onions. Plus, Viagra for pot plants, alibi aftershave,  Princess Diana's ghost sighted in Glasgow, Morse code, sobbing grizzly bears, and Georgina sitting on a potty. Also, what does the Oval Office smell like? Contains strong language and adult themes.

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Insects named after pop stars. Plus, half-timbered fish, dodgy penis enlargers, dating aliens, an ashtray shaped like half a woman, teeth cleaning with Tippex, special little hats for your ears, and a magnet on the end of a piece of string. Contains strong language.

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Can a monkey catch a flamingo by the legs? Plus, remote control bidets, an orchestra without any instruments, and a tuna fish worth half a million pounds. Contains strong language.

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