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Do people still draw circles? Plus, drinking booze through your bottom,  crows collecting loose change, Hoglets and Poggles, epitaphs for pigs' gravestones, an eel the size of a piece of asparagus, the brainpower of a jelly, leaning to the left, electronic wagging tails and an escaped giraffe. Also, do you stir your coffee clockwise or anti-clockwise and a major rant about Apple.

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A surprisingly long cucumber. Plus, woman burns pie, cabbages that sprout unexpected growths, dead flowers in the living room, and a bow tie wearing duck. Also, Brian's messy bathtime and a beauty contest for goldfish. This podcast may contain strong language.

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How do you stimulate a cockroach? Plus, auditioning prenatal kittens, playing tennis in the sky, toilets for guide dogs and bumping into Mo Farah in Teddington. Also, drinking games to play while watching for Dallas. This podcast may contain strong language.

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Gibbons on helium. Plus, panties in a Hoover, dainty pens for ladies, a walrus in a Skittles commercial, a paper bag worth £185,  an ice cream that looks like Freddy Krueger, a cow in a tree, a long range contraceptive for Justin Bieber and a man called Ginger Swindlehurst. Warning: This podcast may contain strong language.

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