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An airbag in your pants. Plus, horses with guns on their feet, a rainforest in your belly button, singing mice, a talking elephant, a helmet that cuts your hair and a 7 foot penguin. This podcast may contain strong language.

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Why cannibals prefer the taste of parachutists. Plus, a pillow with breasts, a hedgehog blog, shopping on the loo, and how to rent out an entire country.

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Are pandas Spanish? Plus, glow in the dark pants, the world's worst hotel and a poorly fish. This podcast may contain strong language.

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Spray-tanning the jobless. Plus, a woolly mammoth called Helmut, when ferrets attack, muddy shoes, see-through goldfish, and swearing aliens. Also, Georgina's crap dog whistle and Noisy Dad hires a deputy. This podcast is sponsored by The Station Inn in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

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It's the bumper Halloween edition of Fat Chance. Can horror films really help you to lose weight? Plus, a vampire squid, a giant eyeball and an agoraphobic owl. Also, Brian dresses as Dracula and pines for a pumpkin, and Georgina has part of her banana stolen.

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