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Brian & Georgina preside over the earth-shattering conclusion of Name That Horse, and Thesaurus Walrus does that voodoo that he does so well. Plus, a giraffe tied to a telegraph pole, anger rooms in China, aphrodisiac crisps, aroma plugins for dogs and famous people on your knees. Also, tell us what auto-correct changes your name to?

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Do plants know if we're eating them? Plus, unusual shaped mattresses, line dancing snails and fake banana news. Also, the life and times of Lady Horsebucket of Winthorp, women dressed as cabbages, an update on Name That Horse and a duck with a ladder. Follow this show with Sowerby & Luff's Fully Optimised Social media Network on Facebook.

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Award-winning duo Brian Luff and Georgina Sowerby are back with an all new series of podcasts for 2019. Smoking tigers, useless Cellotape dispensers and 129 ways to find a sexist husband. Plus, baked bean tins containing the souls of the dead, sheep that recognise each other and a king who thought he was made out of glass. 

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